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506 PVC Advanced Transparent Decorative Coating


    506 is a two-component PVC advanced transparent decorative coating. It mainly applied to coat the coating with power on the surface of PVC film after the coating mixed with silver, pear powder, etc. Then the surface of PVC film will form various luxurious decorative coating appearances.

Technical performance index
1.Appearance: clear or light yellow transparent sticky liquid;
2.Viscosity: (60±3)s ( 4# cup);
3.pH value ::6~7.

Using ratio
1.With silver powder or other powders:
    Ratio of main agent and curing agent:10:2~2.5
2.Without any powder:
    Ratio of main agent and curing agent:10:2
3.For one-component coating, you may not add curing agent if no special request.
    Diluent: ethyl acetate

Collocation method in order
Main agent (10 parts) + appropriate powder (e.g. silver) and then stir fully, + curing agent (0 ~ 2.5 parts) and stir fully again.

1.The formulated glue should be used up within 3 hours after it is ready-made. If continuing to use the remain, first blended the remain and another new formulated glue together, and then the blended glue should not exceed 3 hours. (if exceed, solidification is likely to come out)
2.With coating machine, please drying ventilation at 40℃~45℃ in dry tunnel.
3.Coating speed should according as evaporation rate of solvent. Stop when solvent has been evaporated completely.
4.Solidification : 48~72 hours at room temperature.
5.Can’t be mix with other coatings.
6. To avoid turbidity, please clean up other types of coating, include equipped with plastic tank, plastic buckets and all tools before using the coating.
7.The process ratio in this paper is for reference only. Due to different manufactures are with different technology conditions, raw material conditions and equipment conditions, we recommend that manufactures confirm the pre-tests or consult with us before using. Our products are only sold according to general condition.
8.According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program, including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.