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50E-4 Hydroxy Acrylic Resin



  • Tye of resin:hydroxy acrylic resin
  • Solvent:butyl acetate/ethyl acetate



  • Fast drying & good hardness
  • Good alimunium orientation
  • RCA resistance,butanone resistance,alcohol resistance
  • Good operability

    For 2K high transparent paint on plastic or metal sheet,3C product ect..



  • Appearance:clear sticky liquid(GB/T 1721)
  • Color(Gardner):<1#(Fe-Co)(GB/T 1722)
  • Viscosity:8000~12000 cps/30℃(Brookfield)(GB/T 7193.1)
  • Solid content(%):50±2%(GB/T 1725)
  • Acid value(solution):2~4mgKOH/g(GB/T 6743)
  • Hydroxyl value(100%):80(ASTM D4274)
  • OH Content(100%):2.4%

    Solubility with aromatic compounds,ester,ketone,ether ester,limited solubility in aliphatic. In formulating PU coating,the used solvent should be polyurethane grade(water content<0.05% ).Please test the stability in the solvent and the solvent affect to coating.


1.Can’t be mix use with other coatings.
2.Please use clean equipment.Slots barrels and relevant appliance should be clean enough to avoid turbidness.
3.The relevant detail in this paper is only used as reference. According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advices form us. Products are only sold according to general condition.