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50E PET Decorate Coating


    JXHM-50E is a kind of advanced double-component transparent pastern. By mixing with silver powder,pear-lite powder ect.,it can form various luxury ostentatious surfaces.


Technical performance index
1.Appearance: light yellow or deep yellow transparency sticky liquid;
2.Viscosity  : 800~ 1500mpa.s;
3.Solid content(%): 50± 2%;
4.pH value :: 5- 6.5.


Using ratio

  • With silver powder or any powder else,

    Ratio: Main matter: Curing Agents (50%Solid content)=10: 2~ 2.5

  • Without any powder lot,

    Ratio of main agent and curing agent=10: 1.5~ 2


Ethyl acetate


Collocate means and gradation
Mainly matter ( 10 lot) + thinner (5 lot ~7 lot) + powder(appropriate) and stir completely+ hardener (2.0 lot ~ 2.5 lot) and stir completely.


1.The impregnant should be finished in 2 hours after it is ready-made. In concatenation use, the fresh pastern should not coexist with the old one for more than 2 hours.(if exceed, solidification is likely is to come out)
2.during coating, 4levels of increasing temperatures should be used:first stage:60~65℃; second stage:70~75℃; third stage:80~90℃; fourth stage:100~130℃.
3.reverse it when coating is finished in order to completely volatilize the remaining solutions. coating rate should according as solidification rate(referenced rate:13m/min~15m/min).
4.solidification : 24 hours at room temperature, then let it stay in the solidification room for 48 hours at 45℃~50℃.
5.Can’t be mix use with OTHER COATINGS.
6.Anyone should clear up when using this material,including slot,bucket and other appliance , for fear come into badness thickness.
7.The relevant detail in this paper is only used as reference. According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advice from us. Products are only sold according to general condition.