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509-P2(Adhesive For Wood Splice)


    509-P2 is a kind of one-component PU curing agent.It can cure when it gets touch with the air.


Application range:
    It is applied to adhesion and composite between PVC and other materials,such as wood, fireproofing board,aluminium plastic plate,bakelite plate,oak plate and metal.


Technical performance index

Type JXHM509-P2
Appearance light yellow or brown sticky liquid
Solid content(%) 65±2
Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s) 1600-3000
NCO content(%)  
Peeling strength(manual removal) Substrate is broken(according to client’s standard)
Shelf life 6 months


Process condition of 509-P2

    Coat the prepared adhesive on adhesive interface and compact it for an hour.The adhesion strength is over 36 hours after bonding with mahogany films.(≥15 hours,it can be planed and sawed)

    When 509-P2 is combined with other materials, a little bubbles may appear.However, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality of adhesive.


Cautions :
1.Can’t be mix use with other adhesives.
2.Please keep it sealed in order to avoid it contacting with air.
3.The relevant detail in this paper is only used as reference.According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advice form us.
    Products are only sold according to general condition.