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PNS- 75(Adhesive For Sand Blasting)


    PNS- 75 is a one-component or double-component adhesive for sand blasting.It processes high adhesion and moisture resistance.It is mainly applied to adhesion between paper and cloth.The best choice to make various of abrasive cloth and emery paper.


Technical performance index
1) Appearance:light yellow and transparency liquid;
2) S
olid content(%) : ( 75±3)%;

3) Viscosity(25℃) : 1500- 3500 (mpa.s).


Process condition

1.Ratio for reference

    Dilute the product with ethyl acetate or dimethylbenzene.(viscosity:130s-150s(4# cup))
    Ratio of main agent and curing agent:10:2-3
    Add curing agent into mixed liquid cement, and stir the mixture uniformly.
2 .Temperature of Drying Tunnel:first stage:50℃ ~60℃;second stage: raise the temperature by degree until 120℃ above.
3.flow velocity of coating material in drying tunnel is subject to the curing degree of adhesive.
4.If curing agent isn't added, composite should be baked at 120℃-160℃ for 10-20 minutes in baking oven.
5.The relevant detail in this paper is only used as reference.According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advice from us.

    Products are only sold according to general condition.