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50A-1 molding resin


    50A-1 is a kind of double-component modified PU setting adhesive.Soft fabric,non-woven fabric and papers can be molded by 50A-1. It is coated on the composite after soft material molded.


Technical performance index

Index content Type Main agent Curing agent
Type JXHM50A-1 JXHM50A-1
Appearance light yellow or clear sticky liquid light yellow or clear sticky liquid
Solid content(%) 45±2 50±2
Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s) 5000±2000  
NCO content(%)   8.0±1.0
Peeling strength
(manual removal)
Substrate is broken(according to client’s standard)
Shelf life 6 months 6 months


Application:To finalize soft materials


Process condition of 50A-1
1.Ratio for reference:main agent:diluent:curing agent( solid content: ( 50± 2)%)= 1: ~1: ~0.5.

  • Spraying:diluent:high assay boiling organic solvent,such as butyl acetate, cyclohexanone.
  • Dip coating:diluent:ethyl acetate or the mixture of butyl acetate and ethyl acetate.

2.The amount of coating:Depend on thickness and stiffness of materials.spraying repeatly is available.
3.Baking molding:Baking sprayed profile at 60℃-80℃ for half an hour in drying tunnel.then 24 hours at room temperature(or baked for 2 hours at 100℃ in drying tunnel).Molding completed.


1.Can’t be mix use with other adhesives.
2.Please used clean equipment.Slots,barrels and relevant appliance should be clean enough to avoid turbidness.
3.The impregnant should be finished in 5 hours after it is ready-made. In concatenation use,the fresh pastern should not coexist with the old one for more than 5 hours.(if exceed, solidification is likely is to come out)
4.The relevant detail in this paper is only used as reference.According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advice from us.
    Products are only sold according to general condition.