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504-6 Special PI Film Compound Adhesive


    504-6 is a special PI film (Polyimide film) compound adhesive. For example, it is used in compounding PI electro-thermal film with metal materials. Compound product bonded by the adhesive is with excellent strong adhesion, excellent temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. The peel strength can reach up to 1.5kg/ cm2.

Technical performance index

Index content Type Main agent Curing agent
Type JXHM504-6 JXHM504-6
Appearance Clear and light yellow transparent sticky liquid Clear and light yellow transparent sticky liquid
Solid content(%) 50±2 50±2
Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s) 500-1500  
NCO content(%)   7±1
Peeling strength
(manual removal)
Shelf life 6 months 6 months


Process condition of 504- 6
1.Metal plate should be washed by acid or alkali, and then clean it with water. Finally dry it.
2.This product can be coated on the film or the metal plate.
3.Ratio for reference:
Main agent : diluents : curing agent (solid content:(50%±2)=10 : 2~5 : 0.5~2.
4.The amount of adhesive: 10 - 20g/ ㎡(dry basis) that depends on the smoothness of composite.
5.Temperature of Drying Tunnel: first stage:50℃ ~60℃; second stage: 90℃ ~ 110℃; third stage: 120℃ above.
6.Temperature of pressing roll: The optional high temperature at 90℃-100℃ is available if deformation condition of the film is unaffected.
7.Dry the PI-Metal composite(no solvent left). Otherwise, some bubbles may appear on the surface.
8.Curing condition: first stage: keep hardening for 2 hours at room temperature; second stage:keep hardening at 140℃~200℃ for 1~2 hours.

1.Can’t be mix with other Adhesives.
2. To avoid turbidity, please clean all equipment, including plastic tank, buckets and relevant tools before using the adhesive.
3.The formulated glue should be used up within 10 hours after it is ready-made. If continuing to use the remain, first mix the remain and the new formulated glue together, and then the mixed glue should not exceed 10 hours. (if exceed, solidification is likely to come out)
4. The process ratio in this paper is for reference only. Due to different manufactures are with different technology conditions, raw material conditions and equipment conditions, we recommend that manufactures confirm the pre-tests or consult with us before using. Our products are only sold according to general condition.
5. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program, including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.