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504-3 One-component Metal Compound Adhesive


    504-3 is a one-component compound adhesive for compounding of metal material with nonmetal film. It is applied to bond between metal materials, such as iron, aluminum material, wood plate, cloth and nonmetal films, such PET, PVC, OPP, PE film. Its feature is strong adhesion, easy to operate. It is advised to cure at high temperature.

Technical performance index
1.Appearance:light yellow or deep yellow transparent liquid;
2.Solid content(%) : 50%±2;
3.Viscosity(25℃ mpa.s): 2000±500.

Process condition
1 Mixed the adhestive and diluent (ethyl acetate or butyl acetate) to proper viscosity as reference ratio of adhesive and diluent: 10 : 5-8.
2.The amount of adhesive: coating amount(dry basis) can be chosen from 3.0g/ ㎡ to 10.0g/ ㎡, and coating amount(wet basis) can be chosen from 6.0g/ ㎡ to 20.0g/ ㎡.
3.Temperature of Drying Tunnel: 180℃~350℃.
4.Baking time:keep actual temperature of material at 160℃~200℃ for 3 minutes.Then bake it over 2 minutes at 200℃~250℃.Finally,continue to dry it at 250℃~300℃ for over 1 minute.
5.Temperature of pressing roll:80℃~100℃ can be chosen.As higher temperature as possible,if the quality of composite is unaffected.
6.Pressure of steel roll is advised to be chosen between 2.5kg/ cm2 and 4.5kg/ cm2.In order to improve the strength of composite,compound pressure should be chosen as higher as possible,if the quality of composite is unaffected.
7. The process ratio in this paper is for reference only. Due to different manufactures are with different technology conditions, raw material conditions and equipment conditions, we recommend that manufactures confirm the pre-tests or consult with us before using. Our products are only sold according to general condition.
8. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program,including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.