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504 -2 Compound Adhesive (Metal/PVC or PET)


Technical performance index

Index content Type Main agent Curing agent
Type JXHM504-2 JXHM504-2
Appearance light yellow or clear sticky liquid light yellow or clear sticky liquid
Solid content(%) 50±2 50±2
Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s) 1000-2500  
NCO content(%)   10.0±0.5
Peeling strength
(manual removal)
Substrate is broken(according to client’s standard)
Shelf life 6 months 6 months


                                                                  Process condition of 504-2
1.Metal plate should be washed by acid or alkali, and then clean it with water. Finally dry it.
2.This product can be coated on the metal plate or the film (except PVC film). Note: the adhesive must be coated on the metal plate only when compounding metal plate with PVC film.
3.Ratio for reference:main agent: diluent: curing agent(solid content: (75%±2)=10:5~8:1~2.5.
4.Diluent is the mixture of Ethyl acetate and cyclohexanone(ratio:1:1),when the metal plate combines with PVC film.Or else,you can use ethyl acetate or butyl acetate as diluent only.
5.The amount of coated adhesive:coating amount(dry basis) can be chosen from 4.0g/ ㎡ to 10.0g/ ㎡, depending on the smoothness of composite.When PVC films combine with metal,you should choose 10 g/ ㎡.
6.Temperature of Drying Tunnel:first stage:50℃~60℃; second stage: 70℃~80℃; third stage: 80℃~90℃.
7.Temperature of pressing roll:90℃-100℃ can be chosen,if the deformation condition of films is unaffected.
8.Not Suitable for compound PVC in high temperature, so you can choose normal temperature or 60℃ below.
9.Dry the PET-Metal composite(no solvent left).
10. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the  program, including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.