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504 Compound Adhesive (Metal/PET)


    504 is a two-component special polyurethane compound adhesive for compounding of metal.

    Because of its strong adhesion to metal, it is especially suitable for bonding of metal coils(aluminum foil, iron coils and others) and polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP, CPP, BOPP), polyamide (PA) film that surface activation has been treated. Clean the surface of metal coils before bonding. Compound product coated with the adhesive is characterized by excellent strong adhesion, high transparency, excellent aging resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent solvent resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and it can be cooked at 120℃ also.


Technical performance index

Index content Type

Main agent

Curing agent





Clear or light yellow transparent sticky liquid

Clear or light yellow transparent sticky liquid

Solid content(%)



Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s)



NCO content(%)



Peeling strength
(manual removal)

Substrate is broken(according to client’s standard)

Shelf life

6 months

6 months


Ratio for reference (Adjustable concentration)

Main agent


Curing agent





Ethyl acetate as diluent


    It is advised to use this ratio, which is 10:5:2 first. You can adjust it appropriately depending on requirements.


Process conditions

1.The amount of coated adhesive:coating amount(dry basis) can be chosen from 4.0g/ ㎡ to 5.0g/ ㎡, depending on the requirements.
2.Temperature of Drying Tunnel:first stage:50℃; second stage:60℃; third stage:70℃;fourth stage:90℃
3.Hot-pressing temperature: 90℃~100℃.
4.Hardening condition: keep it at 50℃~60℃ for 24~48 hours.


1.Can’t be mix with other Adhesives.
2. To avoid turbidity, please clean all equipment, including plastic tank, buckets and relevant tools before using the adhesive
3.The formulated glue should be used up within 8 hours after it is ready-made. If continuing to use the remain, the mixture of the remain and new formulated glue together should not exceed 8 hours. (if exceed 8 hours, solidification is likely to come out)
4. The process ratio in this paper is for reference only. Due to different manufactures are with different technology conditions, raw material conditions and equipment conditions, we recommend that manufactures confirm the pre-tests or consult with us before using. Our products are only sold according to general condition.
5. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program, including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.


Appendix: process conditions of iron combination

Temperature of preheating iron sheet in Drying Tunnel:80℃-90℃;
Heating speed:50m per minute.

Coating technology of combination
1.The amount of coated adhesive:4-5g/ ㎡(dry rubber)
2.Temperature of Drying Tunnel: first stage:50℃; second stage:60℃; third stage:70℃;fourth stage:90℃
3.Shut temperature:90℃~100℃.
4.Recombination velocity:50m per minute.
5.hardening time: keep aging at 50℃~60℃ in drying chamber for 24~48 hours.

Quality index of compound iron sheet
Salt resistance:intrude it into solvent(concentration :5~8%) for 3 days.Two film still keep sticking together.
Hot water resistance:intrude it into hot water(temperature: 80℃~100 ℃) for 30 minutes.Two film still keep sticking together.
Alkali(NaOH) resistance:intrude it into solvent(pH=13,concentration:0.1mol/L) for 5 hours. Detect it with pH test paper.
Acid(H2SO4) resistance:intrude it into solvent(pH=1,concentration:0.5mol/L) for 24 hours.Detect it with pH test paper.

requirements for product
Boil it in 120℃,and two film still keep sticking together.