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MTM- 75 curing agent


Application range:
    It is mainly applied to corollary of oil paint and surface coating.It also works in a hot day.


Technical performance index
1.Aappearance: light yellow or transparency liquid;
2.Solid content(%) : 40%, 50%, 75%;
3.Ratio of curing agent and main agent should be above TDI's.You can test it depending on your condition.
4.Viscosity(solid content:75%, 25℃) : 2500-4500 mpa. s;
5.NCO%≥14.5%(solid content:100%).


1.Ethyl acetate can be used to dilute product.( moisture content ≤0.1% and alcohol content≤0.02%)
2.This product can be combined with other same kind curing agent, in order to control the cure speed and cure quality.You can do enough pre-test according to your production.
3.The amount of this product must be added 20% more in the damp weather.
4.This information is for reference only. Because of the difference of process conditions and primary material, you can test it before you apply to production, or consult with our company.
5.Please keep residual product in a sealed small mouth metal pail.
6.Flammable, caution for fire.
7.The shelf life of the product is 12 month.(Keep it in a dark cool place below 25℃)
8.This information is for reference only.Please operate the process condition according to your actual situation.


Technical performance index of MTM-75 curing agent

Project Appearance(visual method) Solid content(%) Viscosity( 25±1℃)(mpa.s) NCO(%) Shelf life (month)
MTM-75 light yellow or clear sticky liquid 75±2 2500-4500 10.8± 0.3 12