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MDF- 50 curing agent


    MDF- 50 is a special blocked curing agent which has low deblocking temperature.It is applied to cure adhesive, ink, oil paint and baking varnish in high temperature.

Application range:
    It is mainly applied to cure PU adhesive, oil paint and baking varnish in high temperature.

Technical performance index:
1.Appearance:light yellow and transparency liquid;
2.Solid content(%) : 50%;
3.Deblocking NCO content(%) : 6%-7 %;
4.Deblocking temperature: 80℃ above.

1.N,N-Dimethylmethanamide(DMF) and ketones can be used to dilute this product.
2.This product is a kind of special blocked curing agent, and only has effect in high temperature( 80℃ above).
3.This technical information is for reference only. According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly different, recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advices from us.  We will put forward suggestions depend on your situation.
4. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program,including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.