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HD-50 non-yellowing curing agent


    This product is a kind of non-yellowing curing agentmodified by pure HDI.

Application range
    It is mainly applied tomixed using with oil paint and coating. The coating provides excellent weather resistance.


Technical performance index
    1.Appearance:transparency liquid;
    2.Solid content(%) : 50%;
    3.NCO( % ) :9.0±0.3%;
    4.The amount of this product is depended on the formulation.

    1.Ethyl acetate,butyl acetate and cyclohexanone can be used to dilute this product.(moisture content≤0.1% and alcohol content≤0.02%)
    2.The curing agents can be used with other congeneric curing agents,in order to control the curing speed and curing quality.You can do enough pre-test according to your production.
    3.Increasing 20% amount of the curing agents in wet day.
    4.This technical information is for reference only. According to verified technical conditions and raw material qualities are strongly different, recommended to do enough pre-tests or ask for advices from us.We will put forward suggestions depend on your situation.
    5.Please keep residual product in a sealed small mouth metal pail.
    6.Flammable,caution for fire.
    7.The shelf life of the product is 6 month.(Keep it inshade with the temperaturelower than 25℃).
    8. According to customer demand for products, we can make the overall design of the program, including modifying the product formulation and setting the process methods.