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504 metal sheet laminating adhesive   


        504 is a formulated double-component polyurethane adhesive for metal sheet lamination.

        It is mainly suitable for laminating metal sheet,including aluminium foil,iron sheet etc.,and other surface-activated film,such as PET,CPP,PP,BOPP,PA etc..

        As its strong adhesion to many other materials,it can be used in different materials as well.




  •   Strong adhesion to different kinds of materials.
  •   High transparency.
  •   Good aging resistance and solvent resistance.
  •   Great leveling property.
  •   Non-toxic and odorless.
  •   High safety performance(no heavy metals and ozone-depleting substances included)


    More details of feature above


    Strong adhesion

        F>10N and Substrate is broken(according to client’s standard).

    High transparency

        Clear or light yellow sticky liquid

    Great leveling property

        Viscosity ( 25°C mpa.s): 1000~2500

    Good aging resistance

        Salt resistance:intrude it into solvent(concentration :5~8%) for 3 days.

        Two film still keep sticking together.

        Hot water resistance:intrude it into hot water(temperature: 80℃~100 ℃) for 30 minutes.

        Two film still keep sticking together.

        Alkali(NaOH) resistance:intrude it into solvent(pH=13,concentration:0.1mol/L) for 5 hours.

        Detect it with pH test paper.

        Acid(H2SO4) resistance:intrude it into solvent(pH=1,concentration:0.5mol/L) for 24 hours.

        Detect it with pH test paper.

        Boil it in 120℃,and two film still keep sticking together in 45 minutes.


    Other information

  • Specification: depend on customer.
  • Delivery: about 10-20 after recieving 30% T/T
  • Payment: T/T