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0.8 mm PET hardened is a kind of decorative sheet with excellent scratch resistance.

It is widely used for surface decoration of indoor furnitures,such as table,door,cupboard,cabinet and so on.

It is used in different ways by laminating with different materials.





²   Good scratch resistance and impact resistance

²   Acid,akali and solvent resistance

²   Great heat resistance

²   Able to laminate with different materials

²   High safety performance(no heavy metals and ozone-depleting substances included)

²   Various of Pattern for choice


More details of feature above

Scratch resistance

Surface pencil hardeness reaches 3H.

Acid,akali and solvent resistance

No matter you wipe it with MEK or soak it in 20°C 2% HCl (aq.) for 24 hours,the coating on surface wont be peeled off.

Heat resistance

Soak in 80°C  water for 30 minutes,it still has good strength.


Other information

Specification: depend on customer.

Delivery: about 10-20 after recieving 30% T/T

Payment: T/T


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Product test report

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