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New patent! Isocyanate residuanl monomer handling

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        Recently,one more national invention patent had been authorized.

            ★Name:Introduction of a Separation system and separation method of Residual monomer in Viscous polymer liquid

            ★National invention patent No.:201410517067.2


        Nowadays,producers usually separate the residual monomer from the resin with film evaporation method.Its process is that the prepolymer to be handled goes through the rotating scraper on the evaporator and flows down slowly.The heating time of materials is shortened in to few minutes,and the area of evaporation is wider,so the evaporation speed of residual monomer is faster further.But because of the high cost of the equipment and advanced handle technology,if the equipment is maintained improperly,it will be blocked and can’t work;if the process method is improperly,the content of residual monomer can’t meet the requirement of the design.Because of the harsh requirements above,it is difficult to be used in production widely.

    Absolutely,there are many research of film evaporation method in China.However,not only the cost of equipment and process are high,but also the processing technology is very complex.Now,our company can provide a kind of low cost separation method which has simple processing technology.It can reduce the content of residual Isocyanate monomer in Polyisocyanate prepolymer to 0.5% and reach the standard of The European Union.


Advantage of this patent:

1.Structure of separation system is uncomplicated.You can modify your normal reaction equipment according to the theory of the patent,and no need to purchase the expensive evaporation equipment,so that the cost has been lowered greatly.

2.Convenient separation method and simple handling technology.Blow the residual monomer away by simulating film evaporation theory.

3.Reaction and residual monomer handling can be processed in the same equipment.It saves

energy and time,and reach the cost saving.

4.Heating temperature is lower than the recent film evaporation equipment,and the gas transfer the heat quickly but uniformly.

5.Heated uniformly,and avoid part overheating effectively.It is suitable for residual monomer

handling of Thermosensitive resin.


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