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We got the first first international invention patent

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        Recently, Our company’s first international invention patent had been authorized.

        Name: Introduction and preparation method of modified 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate biuret

              ★ National invention patent No.:ZL 201110028404.8

              ★  Deutsch invention patent No.:Nr.11 2011 101 335.3

        HDI biuret and HDI tripolymer,a kind of Non-yellowing aliphatics diisocyanate hardener mix used with high performance polyurethane coating and adhesive,are suitable for curing the coating used in high class car,outer wall,ships and bridge and the adhesive used for thermostable laminated sheets od food package.


Characteristic of products:

        1.Good light and heat stability.Won't become yellow in ultraviolet irradiation outdoors.

        2.Won't occur chemical reaction,which aromatic isocyanate changes into carcinogenic aromatic amine,in thermophilic digestion.


        Presently,the international preparation methods of HDI biuret and HDI tripolymer is complex,Inefficient,high-cost.The patent can overcome the problem effectively.

        The emphasis of this patent is to overcome the problem of low Conversion rate.Now,the Conversion rate of HDI biuret worldwide is 30~40%,but the Conversion rate of our patent had been improved to 80%~95% with low energy consumption and high device availability.

        Put on stream and sold for many years,It gets high opinion from consumers:Not only it has good product performance,but also it is more preferential than import HDI biuret.

        This patent is totally different from traditional preparation methods,and one of key new products of Hubei province.It breaks the Predicament that HDI biuret total depended on import in China and improve the engineering level of polyurethane industry in China.It has important economic and social benefits.

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