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Two recent national patent

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        Recently,we have been authorized two national patents:

    1.Patent's name:Preparing process of wet-solidifying single-component polyurethane adhesive

             Patent's number:ZL201410480821.X

        The applied national patent has been authorized,and its Authorization notice has been handed on 1st Apirl in 2016.

        This patent,a kind of single-component wet-solidifying polyurethane adhesive with more urethano included in longer molecular chain(The average function degree≥3),has greatly improved the performance of the single-compoent wet-solidifying PU adhesive in the market. The adhesive will form a reinforced concrete like structure with adherend after curing,and the performance, such as bonding strength,shearing strength,water resistance,chemical resistance and heat resistance,will be dramatically improved.

        It is suitable for wood splicing and tenon highly demanded and the lamination between PVC film and many other materials,such as anti-firing plate,aluminum sheet,hard rubber sheet,oak stave and galvanized sheet.Particularly,it is more greatly suitable for adhesion of Acerbity branch wood and rosewood.The adhesive can meet the needs of some product which pursue for higher bonding strength and high performance.

     2.Patent's name:Introduction and preparation method of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate tripolymer 

            Patent's number:ZL201210397131.9

        The applied national patent has been authorized,and its Authorization notice has been handed on 13th Apirl in 2016.

        It is a kind of environmental blocked MDI curing agent mix used with lowtemperature roasting type coating and adhesive. It possesses lower deblocking temperature,more outstanding strength characteristic and more NCO content than MDI prepolymer hardener.

        The blocked MDI hardener includes solvent type and Water soluble type.

        It is mainly applied to curing the baking varnish and adhesive at normal temperature. 

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